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The Following are the basic descriptions of each FairyTails category.  Click on the description that most closely resembles your FairyTail.  A page will open with images of all the FTs in that group.
  • Originals - Painted emblem, 12 in series.
  • Fuzzy Tummies - Fuzzy chest replaces emblem, 6 in series
  • Tropicals -Bright neon colored bodies, raised sun and/or palm tree
  • Baby Flyers
  • -Chunky juvenile looking birds with painted bibs
  • Fan Tails - Painted fan emblem with metallic fan added to the long hair tails
  • Jewelry Birds - Tiny birds with no emblem
  • Play Sets - FairyTails Love bird set, house and beauty salon
  • Variations - European FairyTails and Manufacturing curiosities
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