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   The FairyTails distributed in the US were not generally a lot different than those distributed in Europe. The consistent differences appear to be in the vinyl and in the painted eyes.  In the FairyTails produced for Europe, the vinyl was softer and somewhat more opaque. Their eyes tend to appear slightly larger. However, the reason for that appearance is not easily definable. While the impression is that the eye is larger, the manner in which that is achieved is different in various models. The country of manufacture is also different in some collections.
    The most notable variation is in certain members of the Fuzzy Tummy group, seen above. For the purpose of clarity I will call them "Fluffy Tummies". They had considerable differences in the length of the fluff on their tummies. Most of them were done in completely different color combinations that were much more muted and monotone than their Fuzzy Tummy contemporaries.   I have seen at least 2 other versions different from the ones shown above in auctions. I first thought that they might be mail-aways as with the MLPs. However, Debbie in Bristol, England has written that the Extra Fluffy Tummies were, in fact, purchased for her in a large toy store in that city. So at least in England they were made available in stores.
Lt Green
Lt Lavender
Green Fluff
Lavender Fluff
Lt Pink Fluff
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Pastel Pink
Coral Pink
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