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Fairy Tails:
Jewelry Birds (Teeny Tiny FairyTails) Green & Lavender
Home 'Tweet' Home-FairyTail Bird Cage Any items from the set shown in 1987 Hasbro Toy Catalog
Custom FairyTails

My Little Pony:
Baby Dancing Butterflies, Baby Melody-

Baby Lucky Leaf -
Baby Pockets & Hoppy the Kangaroo -
Precious Pocket Ponies- Sweet Pocket, Bunny H

Care Bear Poseables and accessories
Grumpy's Umbrella-
Friend Bear' Watering Can
Wish Bear's Telescope-
Champ Bear and his Trophy-
Share Bear- no discolored ones. I have several-

Other Items:
Moon Dreamer Dolls in excellent condition with clothes and preferably shoes-

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