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   This site is intended to fill the information void surrounding the FairyTails,  a delightful, whimsical collection of toy birds produced by Hasbro in 1987.  Whether you are merely curious, an avid collector, or looking for information I hope you will find something you enjoy and find useful.
     Produced for distribution in both Europe and the United States, they seemed to be less of a hit than their My Little Pony cousins. They are still frequently, but incorrectly, identified as MLP friends.   They were produced as a completely separate collection, obviously intended to ride in on the money making coat tails, so to speak, of the MLPs.

    Lots of research has gone into these pages. New information about the FairyTails is still emerging.   As people visit the site and send me their comments, I will add them to the information already compiled here.  You will find the new stuff in the News  section.
    Please write me with any new information you might have, even if it's to correct something. I love to hear from fanciers with FairyTails in original boxes.   One of the most exasperating things about getting information on these little charmers is that the back card descriptions on the original boxes are not particularly accurate.

     Now for the good news and the bad news!  Almost all the Identification pages are heavily loaded with images. That means you get to see the real McCoy.  It also means, Argh!, it is going to be slow to load.  If you will be patient, it should be worth the wait.
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