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A Tribute to the too-loved toys of the Past !
  It's hard to fathom why so many little girls of the eighties took such pleasure in "reinventing" their toys. Nevertheless, for some collectors, finding ways to restore them to their former beauty or to create whole new personas is as pleasing as collecting the original toys in mint condition.
Blue Belle
Pink Fairy Fluff
Snow Flake
Purple Fairy Fluff
Custom FairyTail from Gayle N.
Golden Girl from Val Vyers
    Doing truly elegant, wondrous, or humorous FairyTails customs is a serious interest for me. My friend, Gayle, is doing some really great things with them. I look forward to showing some more of hers soon.   If I ever get finished with this site, I hope to be starting starting my own campaign to bring back a multitude of brutalized toys to their former proud states.






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