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   The FairyTails had several play settings created for their use. The most common are a Gazebo type home and a beauty salon. There is also a very pretty and relatively scarce set of lovebirds that came with a large heart-shaped perch.
    I have seen a picture of another play set in a 1987 Hasbro toy catalog. It was a bird cage about the size of the Curly Q Boutique, called "Home 'Tweet Home.". However, it doesn't appear ever to have been produced by Hasbro. If anyone visiting this site has any knowledge of its being distributed anywhere, I would like to hear about it.
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Curly Q Boutique
Love Bird Set
Sunshine Gazebo
    The Sunshine Gazebo is a large, ornate house with perching room for 6-12 birds. Tea Rose Tails was the owner and original resident. It was also stocked with multiple furniture items and a tea set.
    The Curly-Q Boutique is the Egg-shaped beauty salon. It came with Tiffany Tails, a light blue bird with a pink painted necklace. Also included with the boutique were 3 hair rollers, a green comb, a white brush, 2 barrettes and some net-like ribbons.
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