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 I've never been the kind of collector who seeks out abolutely brand new mint in mint box pieces. That's not to say I don't have anything recent or can't appreciate something that's still in wonderful shape after withstanding the ravages of time. However, the thrill of discovering something old or cast off and restoring to it's former glory is truly one of my greatest pleasures. Like my Dad, the consumate recycler, who fortunately or unfortunately taught me to see the potential in just about everything no one else wanted, I seem destined to drag home more reclamation projects than anyone could do in ten lifetimes. Doll restoration is only my most recent adventure. Nevertheless, I actually seem to be finishing things on my doll projects.

  I've never documented any of my restoration projects, so I'm doing these Terri Lee project pages as much for me as for the People who visit my web site. I don't know if any of the projects will be successful right now.. Each one has one or more completely different problems. At this point I'm not even sure how much to fix, or if they will be fixable. However, I invite you to come on this journey with me and perhaps you will have the answer when I hit a roadblock. I would welcome any input people have and post the ideas that are offered, (with credit).
Note: This whole area is a work in progres, there are no deadlines and I tend to do things in spurts.
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Pat Pending - Brunette
Pat Pending - Blonde
Late '50s Terri Lee- Blonde
No pictures yet.
No Pictures Yet


No Pictures Yet

Apple Valley Terri Lee - Redhead
Gun Cabinets Rebuilt as Doll Displays
Marfan Era Jerri Lee

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