Hard Plastic Brunette Pat. Pending Terri Lee
This little girl has an original wig and extremely finely painted brows and eylashes
  • She has a definite fading on her eybrows and eyelashes, but the painting is very fine and delicate
  • When she arrived her hair was literally in dreds.
  • She was dirty and may have had mould growing inside her.
  • I busied myself cleaning her and fixing her hair but I didn't take her apart. Not a good plan
  • I may or may not have created a mould problem by not making sure she was dry inside after I fixed her hair. I'm still fighting, but aparently winning at least some of the battle.
Look at the Dreadlocks
some dark streaks down the seams
Hair is starting to get tamed
Hair After - Not horrible for a first try, but the wig was very brittle
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