Restoration Project #3
Hard Plastic Blonde Late '50s

She arrived very dirty, with a heavily matted thick wig, facial painting is gorgeous
  • She has a couple of small breaks in the eyebrows, but other than that the paint is exquisite
  • Some fairly deep stains, but a lot of surface dirt

This little girl has an amazing amount of shiny hair, but horribly matted, and shedding like crazy.

Biggest problem is going to be Short Neck Syndrome (SNS). I've heard 3 stories about how this happens. The first is that the neck edged of the head stretched from being strung too tight. The other is that the original Terri Lee Company tried many different plastics and all the pieces of one type (arms, legs, etc.) got thrown into a barrel and used as needed. Since the plastics didn't all cure the same, they may have ended up different sizes some heads were too big for the body.

No matter how it happened, this one is really bad. The picture doesn't show how bad this one really is. Her head slips down to the shoulders on all but one of the bodies I have and on that one it goes down to a half inch from the shoulders.

It seems like the front side mold inside the head didn't get filled in far enough . At the moment, my plan is to try to fill in the missing plastic inside the head.

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