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I Buy and Trade FairyTails

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    I buy FairyTails lots primarily to make them available for sale or trade to other collectors who visit this site.   On occasion I will trade FairyTails for other FairyTails or for other collectible toys in excellent condition.
  • Sell me your Fairy Tails - If you have FairyTails for sale let me know what you have, their condition and how much you want for them.   Please bear in mind, I need to be able to buy them reasonably enough to resell them.

  • Want list /Trades - There are still a few FairyTails as well as items from some other sets, I would like to add to or to upgrade my collection .   I also collect a few other toys that I would be willing to trade for FairyTails. Please use the link to my want list to see what I am currently looking for.

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