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   Whether you are new to collecting the FairyTails, a serious collector and think this information is wrong or incomplete, or have some idea that would make this site better, Please let me hear from you!

   I would love to hear from fanciers with FairyTails in original boxes. A Hasbro toy catalog from 1987 indicates there were several related items that were to be released with the FairyTails. Whether or not they were actually put into the market is anyone's guess. But if anyone knows about or has FairyTails stuff that is not on this site, please let me know.

  I am very interested in doing FairyTail Customs. A friend and fellow collector has done some very nice work with custom FairyTails. She not only creates some lovely new personas but does matching perches as well.

Please use my Alternate email Address if you can't reach me within a few days. When I will be away from home for any scheduled period, I usually post the away dates.

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