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It is our sincere goal to produce friendly, beautiful animals that are a joy to their human companions.
We believe in reducing the population of unwanted cats and kittens through spaying and neutering, but we do not believe that show breeders are the only legitimate source for extraordinary companion animals.
We guarantee the soundness, and health of our kittens and cats. Obviously, that doesn't mean we can pick up your veterinary expenses for the rest of your pet's life. However, we guarantee a replacement or refund on any cat found to be genetically defective and we guarantee the physical health of new kittens for 30 days, providing you take your new pet to a veterinarian within 7 days of purchase. We believe that pet ownership is a lifelong contract between us and the new owners.
The cost of basic vaccinations are included in the purchase price of our kittens/cats and prepaid at one of six veterinary locations in the valley. We also put aside a small amount of the purchase price to return to you after you have had your pet neutered or spayed.
All our adults are tested and clear of Feline Leukemia and FIV.
We produce stunningly beautiful, healthy, even-tempered, feline companions for the wonderful people who love them!
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